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  • post:electrician location:Dongguan Number:1 Time:2021.02.12 - 2021.04.13

    Recruitment unit: FILTERSUN FILTER (DONGGUAN) CO.,LTD.

    Contact: Management Assistant

    Telephone: 185 6651 3611

    Address: No. 80 Liangping Road, Xinjiuwei, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province /


    Work duty:

    1. Male, aged 25-45 years old.

    2. Hold an electrician certificate, familiar with the installation and maintenance of water and electricity in the factory, more than two years of factory electrician work experience, team spirit, cheerful personality, serious work, strong sense of responsibility, relevant experience is preferred.

    3. Please bring your original ID card, original qualification certificate, and 3 one-inch photos during the interview.

  • post:General workers location:DONGGUAN Number:30 Time:2021.02.14 - 2021.04.29

    Recruitment unit: Fulvsheng Filter (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.

    Contact: Miss Chen, Miss Yang

    Telephone: 0769-82312458

    Address: No. 80 Liangping Road, Xinjiuwei, Liaobu Town, Dongguan / 523000

    Email: sales@filtersun.cn

    Job Requirements:

    The company's working and living environment is superior. Provide couple room for couples working in the company. Work 5 days a week. The basic salary of ordinary staff is 1350 yuan/month, from Monday to Friday, overtime is 11.5 yuan/hour, from Saturday to Sunday, overtime is 15 yuan/hour. Paydays are punctual and there is no deposit. Those who have worked for the company for more than 6 months will be reimbursed for the annual leave to and from the company and hometown. The trial period is one full month. After the probation period expires, it will be adjusted by 50-300 yuan/person/month according to the performance of each person.

    Basic salary structure = basic salary of 1350 yuan + 30 yuan full attendance bonus + overtime pay + other awards.

    Interested parties, please bring your real and valid ID card to the office of Fulsheng Filter to find a management assistant for an interview. Once the above positions are hired, the salary will be favorable.


We always believe that human resource is the first productive force and also the biggest capital of company.As a result filtersun human resource policy is people oriented.
Welfare Treatment:
1.Salary:Perfect salary system,based on ability
2.Accommodation:Filtersun provided allowance
3.Other welfare:Social security,bonus,festival gifts,birthday gifts,service length reward,team activity,free travelling etc.
4.Holiday:enjoy holidays and paid annual leave
5.Training/promotion:Filtersun provide company and the third party training,very broad development space

Send the resume by email sales@filtersun.cn

Please email your resume to filtersun,we will contact you for interview.